Depression & Anxiety

The weight of anxiety and depression is unbearable. Asking for help feels paralyzing. You want to push your way out of the abyss of pain in which you feel stuck. I have spent years working with people who have suffered with anxiety , depression, or trauma. "I know how it feels to be anxious and depressed." Minor episodes of depression or anxiety are a part of life and are normal experiences. But if your depression symptoms are constant, reoccurring, or interfere with your life, call me.


Women Specific Issues

I can guide you to a better understanding of what brings you down, what stresses you out, and how these thoughts or events affect you. As a pastoral counselor, I am trained in both counseling and theology and I can help with all types of emotional, psychological and spiritual issues.  As a pastoral counselor, I focus my practice on working with women who are suffering because of issues of anxiety, depression, or trauma. 


Couples Therapy

Each person brings into the therapy their individual anxieties and also
their shared anxieties.  I can help couples who want to work to strengthen their relationship.


College Life Transistion

9 out of 10 freshmen suffer from loneliness, anxiety and homesickness in their early transition from living at home to living in dorms. I work with college students and help them overcome anxiety and depression while they transition to a new stage of life.


Spiritual Dilemmas

Pastoral counselors respect a patient's religious beliefs and help the patient explore those beliefs to discover what they mean in the context of their pain.  Often prospective patients seek out pastoral counselors in view of the fact that pastoral counselors can also address their spiritual or theological concerns while simultaneously working through their problems. 





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